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We are a not-for-profit community of high school students who are on a mission to meet society needs by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science into charity.

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Our Major Causes

We conduct researches to figure out the most-affected problems and these are some major causes that we are trying to solve.

Transforming slums in Trivandrum with Data

We are on a mission to transform 6 slums in Thiruvananthapuram using data Intelligence. This intiative includes predecting thier future expenditure etc.




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Empowering women by providing opportunity.

Through our new chat-bot platform, we use data analysis and provide opportunities for women to find the nearby jobs.




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Soil property predection in farm for better cultivation.

This intiative is about using machine learning to predict the soil property and detecting crops diseases as well as diagnostics methods for those diseases.




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We follow Global Goals by taking CS into action.

Global Goals, are a universal call to action which was intiated by UNDP and followed by serveral countries, We are following these 17 goals and contribute towards them by taking computer science into action.

Credits: Grecia Colunga, Maria

What does
CS Impact mean ?

The name CS Impact is abbrivated from Creating Society / Computer Science Impact and it's an equnioque. We are a research community of school students. Our mission is to help our earth by harnessing the power of AI and Computer Science to meet the global challenges.

  • We use AI/CS for building solutions
  • Offers quality education on Computer Science & Tech.
  • Following the Global Goals for making our earth better
  • Spreading the ethics and values to use computer science

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Upcoming Events

Have an eye in our upcoming events sessions to take part in our comming wonderful missions, case studies, etc..